I am Vestra Sin, A successful Nordic business executive.

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Vestra Sin

Welcome to My world. I am a professional Dominatrix, who is used to the finest things in life. What you are to Me is an asset that I will train, and discipline, and inspire, to make you into something that is more valuable. I will challenge your ego and your body in ways that you've always dreamed of. The precious moments you spend with Me will last a lifetime.

Not a Dominatrix, an Executrix

Yes, I'm an elegant petite blond woman from Scandinavia. My looks get me through doors and into meetings that are closed to most people... and My looks will unquestionably bring you to your knees.

I'm not just another dominatrix. I'm more of an Executrix. I do this because I enjoy training and discipline. I do this because I expect to be treated a certain way, and I've found that submissives feed something important to My lifestyle. I like to break you down, mold you, improve you, and make you Mine.

I'm picky. You should know that. I expect the best of my assets. I'm used to making captains of industry lick My boots, and you'll be no exception. Given My success, and My decade of BDSM experience, and My looks, I will demand more from you. And you will comply, or you will be disciplined.

And you?

Do have expensive tastes? Good. So do I. 

I want My assets to know how to treat someone of My stature, and have the ability to do so. Remember, I do this because I deeply enjoy it, not because I have to. You're going to need to prove to Me that you mean business.

And what can you expect while you're with Me? You're going to spend time with someone who is cultured and experienced. I'm someone with refined tastes who knows how to navigate a world of luxury. 


I'm empathic. I'll know what you need and adjust our time together accordingly. I can push your limits, if that's what you're looking for, or simply give you a chance to worship a strong superior woman. You will cherish the time you spend with Me.

Additionally, I enjoy caning, and training, tease and denial, and making you do things you'd never consider doing for anyone else.


I can be very persuasive.


Available around the world

Because I have business everywhere, I travel regularly to Dubai, Zurich, London, across Germany, and all around the world. 

I also offer Fly Me to You services, because I enjoy travel and know sometimes you can't get to where I am.


See my Calendar Page to see where I plan to visit next.

Do some reconnaissance around My site, to learn more about Me. When you're ready head to My Contact Page and fill it out fully for Me. That's your first test.


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